Each application will be given a specific Business Partner (BP) Number, which the customer will have to use whenever he/she will contact the CEB.

Our Technical Officer will endeavour to visit the proposed site for electrification within seven working days following an application. In case the Low Voltage network is available and that the load request of the applicant can be supplied, the Technical Officer will inform the applicant of the works to be done by his/her qualified electrician. The installation of a Residual Current Device (RCD) is mandatory as per Regulations published in Government Gazette, Notice No 74 of 2004.

After completion of the works as required, the applicant must inform a CEB Customer Service Office by calling in person, or by phone, or through a letter, or through e-mail on customerservice@ceb.mu

(the contact details are readily available in the Telephone Directory or on our website: https://ceb.mu).

The Technical Officer will then carry out a second visit within seven working days to ensure compliance and to verify the quality of the works.