Should you wish to make an enquiry or complain about our services, please contact us through the following means:-

  • Phone us at any of our Customer Walk-in centres;
  • Call in person at any of our Customer Walk-in centres;
  • Mail your letter to the Customer Services Officer of your area;
  • Send us an email to 

You can anonymously report any case of electricity theft on 401 2007 or send an email to Your details will remain confidential. 

Escalation of your complaints

Step 1 
In the event that a feedback cannot be given immediately, we will acknowledge receipt of your enquiry or complaint within a maximum of five working days.

Step 2
Should you feel that your request or complaint has not been resolved by the Customer Service Centre of your region within 30 days from date of filing, please contact our Senior Customer Services Officer at the following address:

Central Electricity Board
Royal Road
Tel: +230 601 1100; Email:

Step 3
If you do not receive any feedback from the Senior Customer Services Officer within the next 25 days, you can then request an appointment with the Customer Services Manager at the following address:

Central Electricity Board Corporate Office
P.O Box 134
Rue du Savoir
Ebène Cybercity
Ebène 72201
Phone Number: (+230) 404-2000