As our country is not endowed with abundant supply of natural energy resources, it is incumbent upon the CEB, as per the CEB Act 1963, to plan carefully the national power system so as to ensure reliable and quality electricity supply that is also affordable and sustainable for the country.

Our Role in the Power Market

Beyond the traditional definition of an electric utility, the CEB acts as a dynamic organisation that embraces an integrated planning approach. The utility is actively involved in assessing the national power market evolution and in evaluating alternative power generation technologies. It also carries out studies of the electricity network in order to secure the “long-term, least-cost” electricity supply for the country.

Our Goal regarding Electricity Supply

The CEB is a modern and responsive public utility, which is ready to meet the emerging challenges resulting from changes in the power market for the benefit of customers and other stakeholders.

The utility, on an ongoing basis, formulates and evaluates electricity supply strategies with a view to effectively meeting future electricity demand. These are based on assumptions related to the availability and prices of fuel, market penetration rates of new technologies, new investment limits, environmental emissions, the structure of the electricity market, and global economic concerns.

Our Integrated Planning Approach

The 10-year strategic master plan outlines the power generation, transmission, and distribution plans of the CEB and aims at guiding both Mauritius and Rodrigues power systems’ developments.

The integrated planning approach adopted by the utility has strengthened its capability to respond to the needs of all stakeholders, while contributing to its financial soundness in the power market.

Our Ultimate Goal

Building the grid of tomorrow, the 'Smart Grid'. It is a grid that uses digital technology to further enhance reliability and security of the electric system, from generation facilities - through delivery systems - to electricity consumers.