Customer service and satisfaction remain top priorities for the CEB, to be pursued at all levels: from face-to-face interaction with individual clients up through the basic architecture of a reliable and responsive power system meeting the nation’s needs. The CEB has in operation 15 Customer Service Centres and 3 stand-alone Cash Offices island-wide. The total number of customers in Mauritius has crossed the figure of 465,000.

CEB 130 Helpdesk

The CEB provides a 24/7 emergency and fault reporting service for complaints relating to faults and power outages. Just dial '130' and our agent will attend to your call within the shortest possible delay.

You can also obtain up-to-date information on power outages from our 130 helpdesk. Click here to view Power Outages locations.
Complaints of an administrative nature (billing, tariff, connection, etc.) should be reported directly at any of our Customer Service Centres and not on the 130 Helpdesk.

They can also be mailed to

New Payment Channels

Customers can avoid the hassle of long queues to settle their electricity bills by adopting new payment channels, such as SMS, direct debit, internet banking, and Point-of-Sales.

Service Response Time

The response time to the requests of customers is a very important aspect of service delivery and is closely monitored through a number of Key Performance indicators (KPIs). One KPI indicates the average number of days between an application being lodged at the CEB and the first site visit to the customer's premises. A second KPI indicates the average number of days between payment being made for a new supply and the effective connection to the CEB grid.