Available Schemes to facilitate access to electricity :

  1. New Policy for Supply to Domestic Customers and Social, Religious and Charitable Organisations

    As from 01 August 2019, the charges for the extension of the low-voltage network for the supply of electricity is no longer applicable for residential customers as well as social, religious and charitable organisations.
    This measure is subject, inter alia, to the following conditions:
    • It is applicable to new customers in the above-mentioned categories when they first apply for electricity supply;
    • The extension of the low-voltage network will be limited to a maximum of 5 spans and a single building;
    • The works will be implemented by the CEB once the construction of the building has been completed and the wayleave, if required, obtained;
    • For low voltage extensions exceeding 5 spans, the cost of additional works will be borne by the applicant;
    • The Connection Fee and the Security Deposit will still be applicable; and
    • The removal of fees does not apply to customers whose buildings are located in morcellement projects.
  1. Extension of Low Voltage Network for Residential Purposes

    This Scheme is meant for customers applying for an electricity supply for residential purposes which necessitates the extension of the low voltage network. 

    The extension of network will be carried out by the CEB subject to the applicant’s acceptance of one of the following options:- 
    • A payment of a non-refundable contribution to the CEB representing 50% of the capital cost incurred, or 
    • Providing the CEB with an interest free loan representing the total cost of the project refundable to the applicant in five equal yearly instalments.

    This Scheme does not apply to Morcellement projects, illegal parcelling of lands, squatters and charitable institutions.

  1. Poultry Farmers and Pig Breeders Scheme

    The beneficiaries under this Scheme will be entitled the following facilities:
    • 50% down payment before the connection of power supply; and
    • Remaining balance payable in 6 equal monthly instalments, starting 2 months after the connection of the electricity supply.
  1. Supply to Projects involving Mixed Activities (having both commercial and industrial activities on site), with a Maximum Declared Load Demand of 50 kVA

    The above scheme is applicable to potential Small and Medium Enterprises as well as private individuals, in respect of a load request not exceeding 50 kVA. Under this scheme, the applicants falling in the above-mentioned categories will benefit from a payment facility equivalent to a 50% immediate down payment (non-refundable), up to a maximum of Rs 250,000.
  1. 50:50 Cost Sharing Principle – Applicable to Commercial Customers only

    A 50:50 Cost Sharing Principle is applicable in respect of the capital contribution regarding network extension for all commercial projects, except for projects pertaining to Parcelling of Land, Real Estate Scheme (RES), Invest Hotel Scheme, and Integrated Resorts Scheme (IRS). The cost of transformer shall be fully borne by the applicant.
  1. Supply to Industrial Enterprises

    1. Supply to Industrial Enterprises - Low Tension Metering
      The promoter will be called upon to make a loan with the CEB to cover all expenditure to be incurred in respect of the H.T. extension, transformer and associated control switchgear. The CEB will, thereafter, refund the loan in five equal yearly instalments without interest, the first instalment being payable one year after supply is made available to the customer.
      In the event that the transformer to be erected would supply not only the new applicant's premises but other premises in the neighbourhood, the loan payable by the applicant would be calculated on a pro-rata basis. 
    2. Supply to Industrial Enterprises - High Tension Metering
      In this case, the applicant will be called upon to make a loan to cover all expenditure for the H.T. line and associated H.T. control switchgear, including the metering panel. The terms and conditions of the loan are identical to (A) above. The applicant shall be fully responsible for the purchase and installation of the H.T. transformer control panel, transformer, and L.V. service cables. All materials and equipment to be purchased by the applicant must satisfy CEB’s specifications.

  1. Supply to Warehouses

    Applications for warehouses, with a maximum load demand of 150 kVA, will be processed on a fast track basis unless there is a force majeure or intervening factors which are beyond the CEB’s control.


  • Cases requiring the erection of extensive H.T. networks, and where the expected monthly returns are almost negligible in comparison with the initial capital investments, will be treated as non-viable projects.  Such projects shall be fully paid by the promoter in the form of non-refundable contributions.
  • For all the above-mentioned Financial Assistance Schemes, the applicants should contact our Customer Service Centres for more information on all applicable terms and conditions.