Human Resources

Reliable electricity supply is dependent on many factors but primarily depends on people with the expertise needed to provide leadership and to apply strategies, processes, systems and practices in the various functional areas of the business. Indeed, the combined human capital assets constitute the lifeblood of the CEB.

Code of Conduct

By setting out the minimum standards of ethical conduct, the Code of Conduct aims at ensuring that the conduct and behaviour of CEB employees are professional and lawful at all times. The Code of Conduct was prepared in consultation with ICAC.

Non-compliance with the Code of Conduct can lead to sanctions depending on the seriousness of the breach; accordingly, disciplinary proceedings may be initiated.

Training and Development

The CEB continuously upgrades the skills and competencies of its employees with a view to meeting the challenges of rapid technological development and adapting to changes in customer demands. Induction training is imparted to all new recruits so they can familiarise themselves with the company's policies and procedures, prior to their placement in the work set-up. Local training is conducted at CEB's

Training School (CFPP) at Terre Rouge and we also empower our employees through on-the-job training, seminars, and conferences..

Furthermore, our staff members benefit from international training through the Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation (ITEC), the Special Commonwealth Assistance for Africa Programme, and various overseas schemes.

Safety and Health

The management of occupational safety and health is a primary concern of the CEB by the fact that its operational activities encompass multiple types of hazards. The utility is highly committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment to all employees, including those of contractors. The objective of a 'zero-rate accident' remains a focal point of our safety improvement drive.

Over and above the existing legal provisions that regulate safety and health at work, there is in place two sets of internal Safety Rules, namely for the Production Department and the Transmission & Distribution Department. Strict adherence to the Safety Rules is mandatory.

Information Technology

Our vision is to create a "Connected Organisation" in which the different departments/sections/units communicate and work together more effectively, and where services are delivered to customers in a more accessible and timely manner.
The digitisation of the utility is well on track and we have implemented or initiated several far-reaching projects all along the energy value chain, from generation of electricity, through transmission and distribution, to customer relationship management.

Supply Chain

The supply chain management function at the CEB has a strategic approach to procurement and the focus is on attaining business-related outcomes, while ensuring that basic principles of procurement best practices such as economy, efficiency, fairness, reliability, transparency, accountability and ethical standards are maintained.

The internal policies, procedures and processes have been streamlined to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act and other relevant regulations.

Corporate Administration

The overall objective of the corporate administration function is to provide quality, value-added, and cost-effective services to CEB’s internal customers which comprise various departments, sections and employees at large. Its main area of activities include civil works, facilities management, fleet management, health and safety management, land and building assets management, and environmental management.