CEB Green Energy Scheme for SMEs in Tariff 215 Category

As part of a pilot project, the CEB plans to integrate around 4 MW of new Small-Scale Distributed Generation (SSDG) using solar photovoltaic technology in the national grid. 142 kW will be integrated in Rodrigues.

The new SSDG scheme, named “CEB Green Energy Scheme for SMEs in Tariff 215 Category” will operate under the principle of net-billing discount. Under this Scheme, around 2000 roof-mounted grid-tie solar PV kits of 2 kWp capacity each will be integrated into the grid.

The project will enable around 2000 small commercial enterprises to participate in and benefit from this project without bearing the project’s financial and operational risks. The total investment cost will be made by the CEB subsidiary company, CEB (Green Energy) Company Limited.

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